Individual Partners

Make a donation to support children in critical need


Our private partners include individuals from all around the world who want to support children in critical situations. You can make a one-time or a monthly donation, 100% of which will directly support children in critical need of access to Education, Health and Safety.


K. is almost two years old, living with Palong parents who emigrated from Burma. He was born in Thailand but as his parents are migrants, earning an income from construction work, K. is still classed as a migrant in Thailand. After an in-depth assessment with K.'s parents, examining how best to improve the situation, we welcomed K. into our Tchin Tcho nursery to help K. recover his health and worked to create a situation where the parents could continue to work.


Monthly donations from our private partners make it possible for our Tchin Tcho Nursery to take care of K. and kids like him, creating life-changing impact at those all important early stages.